Proprietary Pharmacy Grade CBD Nanotechnology

American Apothecary's groundbreaking nanotechnology makes our hemp oil concentrate unmatched. By decreasing the size of particles to be nano-sized, cannabinoids are more bio-active which leads to quicker absorption.  

Our proprietary nano system breaks up large cannabinoid balls into smaller particles at the molecular level. This makes the cannabinoids easier for your cells to absorb exponentially by increasing the surface area to be absorbed. The smaller particle sizes make the delivery time reflect this change - from hours to seconds.


Are there any differences between our proprietary nano-CBD products and competitor's nano-CBD products?

Our proprietary nanotechnology breaks down the particle size of CBD, allowing for water soluble products. Unlike other nano CBD oil products, our water soluble CBD products maintain the benefits of a full spectrum hemp with terpenes-- along with all the other natural occurring cannabinoids contained in the industrial hemp plant.  This results in a far superior, more effective product for the user.


What is the difference between a water soluble CBD and CBD oil?

 The body absorbs water soluble CBD more quickly because of its smaller particle size. On the other hand, CBD oil can be taken orally in a tincture or an edible product, or it can be used topically on the skin.  Oils can’t dissolve in water, which is why they sometimes say “oil and water don't mix.” Nanotechnology is breaking down the particle size of CBD oil so it can mix with water and be absorbed easily in the bloodstream.